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Viber, a call and text app, introduces a simplier way to call and text domestically and internationally.

Viber is a free application that allows free calls and text over VoIP, supported through 3G and Wifi, allowing users to make often expensive international calls at no cost. Setup of Viber is simple after install. Enter your phone number and Viber will send a SMS text confirmation code verifying the phone number. After that, calls and text to other Viber users are free.

Adding contacts on Viber is achieved through calling their phone if they are already a Viber member, or an invite sent through SMS text. The application contains a separate Viber list in-app. The interface is simplistic, but it is a welcome change to other visually heavy VoIP apps.

Call quality over WiFi was clear with a barely noticeable amount of delay through a call from Barcelona, Spain to San Francisco, California.Texts were on par with normal SMS service and the text interface looks very similar to the iOS texting service.

Viber is a great alternative to Skype for those interested in an app that focuses on calling and texting while using your actual phone number.

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Operating System: Android 2.1

Publisher/Developer: Viber Media, Inc.

Release Date: Aug 31, 2012

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