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PhonePilot 2.60 Trial version

All-purpose call controller for your cellphone

JoikuSpot 2.5 Trial version

Turn your mobile into a WiFi access point

BlueRadar 1.1.0 Trial version

Interesting method for finding friends and colleagues

Fake Messages 1.10 Free

Pretend you have received SMS messages from other people

CallGuard 1.0 Trial version

Block calls based on certain conditions

Advanced Productivity Pack (v. 1.03)_ Trial version

Block calls, filter SMS and protect your phone

Viber 2.1.511 Free

Send free text messages from your Symbian phone

Auto Hang Up 1.1.3 Trial version

An aggressive system to save on your calls

Call Lock: Touch Screen 1 Trial version

Lock your screen during calls!

Galaxy FREE Chat 8.0.3 Free

Chat and play games online