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Kodi for Android

You have probably heard of the Microsoft media player and the VLC player, but you may not have heard of the Kodi entertainment hub and media player. It used to be known as the XBMC™ Media Center. The software allows you to watch videos and play music.

A media player for your living room

The Kodi program was not designed with mobile devices and desktop devices in mind. It was created for people with large-screen TVs. It is designed to play videos on a larger screen. If you play movies on a regular player, you tend to lose resolution as the media player scales the image up. The Kodi program scales up the image more cleverly, which means it is tougher on your processor, but the picture quality is far better.

The GUI is somewhat recognizable

The GUI allows you to skip between one video and another, and even though the design is exclusive to this software, it still looks familiar. It is almost as if the developers took a snapshot of the guided user interface of many popular players and created a merged version. As a result, you will find the GUI very intuitive. Remember that the player doesn't have media files installed, so don't be fooled by the pictures. It is a player, which means you need to load your own videos and music.

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Operating System: Android 4.3

Publisher/Developer: Softonic Editorial Team

Release Date: Jan 7, 2017

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